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2018/07/16 - 10:21
One hundred and fifty – fifth issue of “youth shahed “published by shahed Magazine Group.
2018/07/15 - 10:24
The recent issue of Child Shahed Magazine (shahed e kudak) especially published in 22/06/2018
2018/07/14 - 10:48
Remains of 60 Iranian troops unearthed in Iraq more than three decades after the end of an imposed war on Iran in the 1980s were repatriated from the Arab country on Wednesday.
2018/07/11 - 10:05
One hundred fifty-second issue of Shahed Yaran Magazine published in the memory of Major General Haj Kazem Rastgar in 22/may/2018.
2018/07/11 - 08:06
We shall not let , the memories of great martyrs forget by false grandeurs and effects, holding congress of martyrs are the best way to deal with them, the Iranian Supreme Leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei emphasized.
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2012/09/15 - 09:26
One hundred fifty-second issue of Shahed Yaran Magazine published in the memory of Major General Haj Kazem Rastgar in 22/may/2018.
2018/07/11 - 10:05
The book of “ A Cup Of Tea For The Commander “ is a short story collection of the Iran and Iraq war which is published by Islamic Revolution Documentation center publication.
2018/07/10 - 12:26
During Mohsen's imprisonment in Sawak prison, Some adventures happened for his old mother that are narrated in this book and also the author explained the torture and adventures that happened for Mohsen in jail in detail for the reader.
2018/07/04 - 09:45
The new edition of Shahed Yaran has published a monthly magazine with title of “Mujtahid of Economy” which is dedicated to honorable Mujtahid the late Ayatollah Seyed AbdolKarim Mousavi Ardabili.
2018/05/20 - 11:46
The latest number of monthly magazines of “Shahed Yaran” commemorated the late Ayatollah Rafsanjani with title of “the Imam’s trustee”.
2018/05/20 - 11:32
Martyr Mohammad Ali Qasim Zadeh was born in a cultural and religious family in Tehran in 1356.
2018/07/07 - 08:09
Despite the fact that about 28 years have passed from the end of the Sacred Defense Era, martyrs’ memory and names will not become old and lost. The reason is that Allah the Exalted has said, “They are alive in presence of their Lord” [The Holy...
2018/01/07 - 14:54
It was not only the regime of Saddam that had confronted Iran in Sacred Defense era Sep 28, 2016
2018/01/08 - 12:27
A Nigerian political activist decried the continued imprisonment of top Muslim cleric Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, whose health is deteriorating, and said the Abuja government is seeking to gradually kill the popular figure.
2018/01/01 - 21:37
The Supreme Leader said: the late Mustafa Khomeini was an excellent man in terms of talent, academic daring, self-purification, courage and struggling manner.
2017/10/30 - 09:22
Holy defense is a turning point in Islamic revolution history. After 19 months of revolution genesis, the war between Iraq and Iran happened (a war which create a national epic for Iranian people)
2018/07/18 - 11:24
Marty Makareh, didn’t go to military service during Shah's regime and said the Shah's regime is criminal and should not be Ccriminals for them and which ones are the enemy of Islam and served up when the regime ruled the nation on tag...
2018/07/17 - 08:12
He was the first defense martyr of Qazvin Province ( city in Iran ) .he was graduated in Electronic Engineering Field . stranger and intimate were the two important elements for him .
2018/07/10 - 11:04
Martyr Radani Pour dreamed Imam Reza ( AL ) who told him : why don’t you go to Mr. shokuhandeh’ s home?....tell Abdullah
2018/07/08 - 11:55
As we reach the place with our battalion , I told Mahdi : we will go to Tehran and you can follow us , he turned while he had a photo which was the last photo of him , in his pocket …
2018/07/08 - 11:47
What a strange century is 20th century. It seems the century is not yet over, though we are 11 years past it. This century was the century of Khomeini and his apostles’ emergence.
2018/05/30 - 09:41
countries had quite different situations. On one side there was Iran which after the fall of the Shah would see itself free of the rein of domestic and foreign rule and had no relations with world powers. On the other side was Iraq with its reliance on...
2017/12/10 - 11:21
Halabja, 17 March 1988: Iraq attacked its own citizens with nerve agents. During its war with Iran, enemy soldiers and civilians were frequent targets.
2018/01/08 - 00:07
Prominent Iranian dermatologist Dr. Seyed Nasser Emadi expressed pleasure in the release of a report in the US Science journal on Iranians chemically wounded by Saddam's army during the Iraqi-imposed war (1980-1988), stressing that the US scientists have...
2018/01/02 - 23:55
Let us be clear from the very beginning: the greatest threat to Islam originates from Wahhabism, a cancerous phenomenon that has been allowed to fester and propagate for several centuries.
2017/07/30 - 12:00